17 Truths Every Taco Lover Knows In Their Heart

1. Taco Tuesday is the best day of the week.

There are two kinds of people in life: taco people and everyone else. Taco folks walk through life knowing they’ve found the most perfect of foods. They know that any food can be made better when enveloped in a tortilla. They’re reassured by the fact that, with a tortilla in hand, none of life’s mishaps can phase them.

Some of these taco people may be borderline obsessed with this hand-held food ― we might even venture to say they’re addicted. If you think this might be you, read on. Below are 17 signs that every taco lover knows to be true.

1. Taco Tuesday is your favorite day of the week. But it’s not the only day of you the week you eat tacos, obviously.

2. You always have tortillas stocked in the fridge. You never know when the need for a taco should strike.

3. You dream in taco.

4. Tacos are suitable for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. And if you can find a way to work them into dessert, you do.

5. You can eat a taco with one hand. Walking down the street, with your eyes closed.

6. You know corn is the best kind of tortilla, but you’ll always hold a soft spot for hard shell tacos.

7. A taco crawl is your idea of a great date. Now, that’s amore.

8. Your engagement ring is a taco ring.

9. Taco Bell is not beneath you. They do serve tacos, after all. And they did give us Doritos Locos.

10. You choose to forego your own birthday every year and instead celebrate October 4, National Taco Day. The life of a taco is more important than anything.

11. Tacos are there for you when life gets hard.

12. Mexico is your mecca. But the Southwestern United States is a close second.

13. Setting out on a quest to find the best fish taco is basically your idea of heaven on Earth. You get to eat so many tacos, all labeled under the guise of research.

14. Chicken, pork, beef or bean, you don’t discriminate. So long as it’s a taco, bring it.

15. The only way to properly detox after a night of hard taco-ing? Yoga ― in taco leggings, of course.

16. When asked if tacos are a sandwich, your head explodes because: NOOOOOOOOOO. They’re so much better than that.

17. You don’t understand people who can’t decide what to eat for dinner. Because it’s tacos. of course.