Signs of Spirit-Messages Heaven-sent

Since my mom passed almost twenty years ago, whenever I am in transition or have some milestone happening, I get a sign from her. And it's never in question that the sign is from her because whatever it is will have her presence written all over it in some magical way.

For example, when she first died I was angry and missing her and I kept questioning God, convinced he took her and I'd never hear from her again. At the time this very topic was being discussed, I was riding in the passenger seat of my friend’s car and she was driving. We were on our way to a media function in New York City and traffic was at a standstill.

“I miss my mom.” I turned to my friend and my eyes looked passed her, out the open window until they rested on something blue and white nestled in the corner of some buildings across the highway. “What's that?” I pointed and squinted, and now we were both staring at this.

My friend inched the car up so that we could get a better view of the little alcove and soon the morning sun lit it up to reveal a statue nestled inside. More than that, it was of the Blessed Mother, who is often depicted in religious paintings as wearing blue and white.

We both smiled as the same thought came to mind, “It's a sign that she's OK!”

“A sign from your mom?”

“I’m not sure. Somehow it feels like it's from someone else…”


As the car jerked forward in the traffic, I spun my head to my side of the window and, blocking my view through it, was the word: G.O.D. It was painted on the side of a truck that covered my entire window.

“Oooh I get it,” said my friend, and we both started laughing, so big a sign it was. Their acronym for GOD: Guaranteed Overnight Delivery. Well, I certainly got the message!

And that is how it works for me. I get a sign and it is often followed by grateful validation. And I keep a journal of these personal paranormal experiences and I've allowed myself to become aware of everyday occurrences because they have transformed into magical messages for me.

The biggest thing you can do to encourage spiritual communication is to meditate. That is the main way to open yourself to embracing signs, and my strongest suggestion. It will allow you to be more aware so you can intuit a connection with spirit.

Signs from spirit are everywhere. I believe we just have to be mindful enough to tune into them.

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