The Signs Of Stress: Common Symptoms That Say 'I'm Stressed Out!'

I Know The Stress Is Starting To Get To Me When... (PHOTOS)

April is National Stress Awareness month, and we here at The Huffington Post are on a mission to stress less. But sometimes stress is so sneaky that we don't see it for what it is until we're already in mid-freakout.

With that in mind, HuffPost OWN posted the following Facebook status: "I know the stress is starting to get to me when...." To see readers' responses -- and get some expert insight as to why stress shows itself in certain ways -- click through the slideshow below.

Then tell us: What's your top sign of stress? Sound off in the comments below, or tweet your stress sign to us @HuffPostOwn using the hashtag #signofstress.

'... I Get Grumpy'

I Know The Stress Is Starting To Get To Me When...

As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.

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