19 Signs You Have An Incurable Case Of Wanderlust

19 Signs You Have An Incurable Case Of Wanderlust

There is no heart as restless as the traveler's. Curious explorers live in perpetual pursuit of the next adventure, whether it's merely skipping to the next town over in search of a new place to eat or traversing the globe to climb mountains that they've only seen in magazines.

Equipped with phrasebooks, sunburnt skin and open hearts, they journey through the corners of the world, tasting new flavors, experiencing new cultures and maybe even understanding a bit of humanity along the way. They are pioneers of experience, expert walkers who enjoy getting lost for the hell of it, outgoing strangers always looking for a new friend.

Travelers have an insatiable thirst, an insistent itch, an inconsolable longing. Below, the 19 signs you may have an incurable case of wanderlust.

1. Your daily Internet routine includes searching airfares to nowhere in particular.


2. You have a love-hate relationship with inspirational travel blogs.

3. You've had at least one vacation fling epic romance abroad (or you fantasize about it).

4. The departures screen at airports is like your muse. Mallorca, anyone?

departures screen airport

5. "Settling down" sounds way more terrifying to you than bungee jumping off a 600 foot cliff.

6. At the end of every trip, you seriously consider missing your flight on purpose just to stay a little bit longer.

7. You always know exactly how many vacation and/or sick days you have and when you can finally use them:

8. You don't consider anyone a stranger; they're just friends you haven't met yet.


9. You're always saving money for your next trip and you're even guilty of budgeting airfare over food.

10. Few things irritate you more than people who don't go through the TSA line efficiently.

11. Your wanderlust-ing personality has been misinterpreted as lazy or irresponsible, but you couldn't care less.

12. You wince ever so slightly if someone calls you a tourist. Yes, there is a difference.

13. You absolutely adore maps. (You may or may not still have a world map shower curtain in your bathroom...)

antique map

14. Glamping is something that you'll never, ever understand.

15. After all, you haven't really experienced a place until you've been covered in its dirt.

16. This is your spirit animal:

17. While some friends post photos of sparkling diamonds or pudgy babies, you're "that person" on social media who only posts photos of exotic animals, inspirational quotes against beautiful landscapes, and insanely beautiful sunsets.

18. You measure success by how many stamps are in your passport, not how much money you have saved.

passport stamp

19. You have no real sense of home -- at least in the traditional sense -- because you feel most at home when you're far from your comfort zone and experiencing some place new.

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