Signs You Are a College Tour Guide

1. You always end up walking backwards even when you don't try.


Thankfully, you know exactly where all the barriers and poles are all around campus.

2. You have accidentally worn your nametag to class on more than one occasion.


Odds are, you are secretly proud to wear it so everyone knows you are a tour guide.

3. You are the go-to person in your friend group for information about your school, from its history, to the buildings, to school events.


"Why yes! I do know the exact size of our campus! Thank you for asking!"

4. You believe there is something magical about putting on the polo and khakis for a tour.


It's almost as if you transform from a typical college kid to a super student everyone wants to be friends with in just a matter of seconds!

5. Waking up before the sun? You must be heading to work an Open House!


You always hope you get parking duty so you can dance around and welcome people bright and early for an awesome day at the best school.

6. You always have a "friend' who is a part of a club, from the same area, or studying the same major as a prospective student on tour.


"You like swimming? One of my friends is on the swim team and she absolutely loves it!"

7. You have given up trying to explain everything that goes on in the Admissions Office to your non-tour guide friends.


Your friend: "Wait. What's an AO?"
You: "Duh! It's an Admissions Officer!"

8. You make corny jokes on a regular basis because you know parents love them.


"To our left, we have the Hugh Morris Library. It's the funniest building on campus!"

9. You spend most of your day at the Admissions Office, even when you're not supposed to be working.


You also have had your lunch delivered to you there on multiple occasions.

10. You know that giving a great tour can change your day for the better.


Nothing compares to the sheer satisfaction of giving an amazing tour to dozens of families all at one time.

11. You know you have the best job on campus.


What other job lets you profess your undying love for your school on a daily basis?

12. The bond you share with your other tour guide friends is like no other.


You love being a part of a group whose sole purpose is to show how great your school is and to help prospective students make the right decision. And no matter what, you will always stand for the last birdfoot.