8 Signs You Need A Vacation Now (In GIFs)

In an ideal world, every workplace would force its employees to take the all the time they need to relax and recharge -- and pay them to do it. But, alas, while some of our workplaces may be more understanding than others, we all live in a workaholic culture. In fact, only 57 percent of Americans take all their allotted vacation days.

We're of the opinion that you should take advantage of every vacation day you have. In case you're wondering whether to take a few days off, we've compiled eight signs that it's really, truly time for you to take a vacation now -- (in GIFs, of course).

1. It’s getting harder to hide your disdain for that one really annoying co-worker.

2. You start unintentionally snapping at your friends...

3. Or act otherwise erratically.

4. You've become uncharacteristically aggressive.

5. And any hope of concentration was abandoned long ago.

6. You find your normally-efficient work habits are growing increasingly unproductive.

7. The idea of drinking mimosas with your breakfast is incredibly exciting. (On second thought, we might feel this way all the time).

8. This is all you can think when a friend or co-worker talks about their vacation:

If any (or all) of these apply to you, never fear. Just log a vacation day -- or three -- and you'll feel like this:



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