19 Signs You Really Need Some Sunshine In Your Life

It's bad. You're depressed; you feel sick all the time; you've gotten mean.

This has gone way past seasonal affective disorder. You're not just sick of winter, you're seriously considering quitting your job, packing your things, and moving to a tropical climate.

You need sunshine, you've decided, the way Superman does. It gives you strength, makes the world a better, happier place, and you won't feel right again until you get it.

Below, 19 signs you're in serious sunshine withdrawal:

1. Everything was going fine until someone posted a photo of you and you realized just how pasty you really are:

2. Really, it's scary how pale you are:

3. So you decide you'd rather be orange than pasty:

4. But your skin still feels like it's covered in saw dust, no matter how much lotion you slather on:

5. So you look up flights to a beautiful, tropical island ... and the prices crush your soul:

6. Then someone posts an album of their "awesome" beach vacation on Facebook. You don't handle it well:

7. After all, when he predicted six more weeks of winter, you had some strong words for Punxsutawney Phil:

8. Not even this could make you like winter again:

9. All you want is some sunshine to start your day.

10. And the need for a fabulous pair of sunglasses:

11. And the feeling of warmth on your skin:

12. Even though technically, the days are already getting longer, it.just.doesn't.seem.like.it:

13. Do you even remember what it feels like to have exposed skin?

14. Since, most of the time, this is how you're dressed:

15. But that doesn't stop you from dreaming about sunshine:

16. And clinging desperately to the slightest hint of it:

17. "Spring is almost here," you tell yourself:

18. And when it comes, you'll be the first to kiss this despicable season goodbye:

19. Suck it, winter:

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