15 Signs You Served In The Peace Corps..In GIFs!

Making the choice to join the Peace Corps, or any other form of prolonged foreign volunteering, is a tough one. Thankfully, thousands of people make the decision each year and our world is a better place for it.

PeaceCorps volunteers are busy improving the world we live in, but they still have time to make plenty of memories along the way. Here are a few that may remind you of the time you served, or the time that you are currently serving.

You know you served (or are serving) in the Peace Corps when ...

1. Half of your friends and family back home can't find the country you live in on a map.

2. You likely speak at least one language that nobody has ever heard of.

3. You've gone to the bathroom in a hole. On several occasions.

4. You will never need ear plugs again because you've cultivated the ability to sleep through anything (chickens crowing, people yelling, music blaring).

5. You can also sleep ON anything.

6. You define success in a new way: A smile from a child.

7. You will never take air conditioning for granted again. EVER.

8. You are totally willing to travel for hours just to get a pack of Oreos or some other rare American food item.

9. Your idea of luxury is a flushing toilet. Nothing else. Just plumbing.

10. Your Facebook is filled with project pictures and waterfalls instead of selfies and party pics.

11. You have grown to cherish the small things in life, like peanut butter, snail mail and a Skype conversation with loved ones.

12. You truly believe that education is the most important tool to change the world.

13. You are an expert at entertaining yourself with crafts and other little projects in the absence of the Internet and television.

14. You talk to your mom about your host mom. And vice versa.

15. Your definition of personal space has changed. Dramatically.

And, you wouldn't trade your PeaceCorps experience for anything in the world.



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