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21 Signs You Went To A Performing Arts Camp

Theater camp, performing arts retreats, Interlochen. Call it what you like, but those precious days and weeks you spent in the company of other precocious thespians and troupers will forever hold a special place in your heart.

You reminisce about the glory days of camp players on a regular basis, because why wouldn't you want to relive the best moments of your adolescent life? Still with us? Ok, here are 21 signs you went to a performing arts camp:

1. While your friends packed bathing suits and sunscreen you packed character shoes and leotards. And perhaps a metronome.

2. While your friends had pre-camp jitters about making friends you were freaking out about try-outs. "Is my monologue too cliche?"

3. Half of your bunkmates were child actors or broadway stars. No big deal.

camp cabin

4. Your morning announcements weren't said, but sung. "Today we're having chicken nuuuuggets!"

5. You spent the first day of camp waiting in an epic line to audition. And the second day staring at a wall until the cast list went up. And it was awesome.

6. You may not have had a camp lake but the acoustics in your auditorium were unparalleled. Priorities, people.

camp cabin

7. Your bunk bonding nights go a little differently. "Never have I ever been in the chorus."

8. There was always a diva who refused to partake in daily bunk cleanup. And you can't tell her off in case she grows up to be the next Idina Menzel.

9. You're used to seeing six-year-olds in a full face of makeup. And curled hair.


10. Your friends give you grief for still going to summer camp but they don't understand. The shows need you. You'll volunteer, right?

11. Your ghost stories 'round the campfire involved forgetting your part at the camp-wide performance. Boo!

12. So-called "rest hour" is full of tap dancing, line reciting and harmony practicing. Sleep well!

kids theater

13. S'mores, good. Hot tea with honey? Better.

14. There's no archery, but there is a circus. Trapeze over everything.

15. You think east coast summers are hot? Try braving it in full-on Shakespearean garb.


16. You wanted a camp make-out. And you really wanted it to be on stage.

17. The talent shows got out of control. Oh, you thought this was just for fun?

18. There is no greater honor than getting a mic. You. are. worthy.


19. You beg your parents to come up and watch your big performance. But don't talk to anyone and don't do anything embarrassing, please.

20. You live 10 months for two. Camp forever and ever and ever and ever...

21. You'll go back every year no matter what. Until your Broadway career picks up, obviously.

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