35 Signs That You're Definitely Getting Old(er)

A twenty-seven-year-old cat celebrates her birthday, 22nd August 1977. (Photo by Colin Davey/Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/
A twenty-seven-year-old cat celebrates her birthday, 22nd August 1977. (Photo by Colin Davey/Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

You want to know the real signs of aging? It took the Huff/Post50 team and its Facebook fans about five minutes to come up with these 35 ways you know you are getting older. Feel free to add your own signs of aging in the comments below.

1. When you can't find your reading glasses, it's generally because they are on top of your head.

2. You can fall asleep but you just can't stay asleep.

3. You don't know anyone who can't argue the merits of Ambien over Lunesta.

4. You see strangers at a party wearing stilettos and must resist the urge to say something to them about how they are ruining their feet.

5. When dining out with young friends, you are the only one who can figure out the tip in her head.

6. You realize your gynecologist could be your daughter, and it gets a little weird.

7. You wake up early on mornings that you could sleep in. Not by choice.

8. You like that Keith Richards looks the way he does.

9. A new washer and dryer makes you incredibly happy.

10. You order everything online because there is really no such thing as a skinny dressing room mirror.

11. You don't actually remember the last time you stepped foot in a mall.

12. You sing along anytime you hear a Donna Summer song.

13. Sometimes, you just need to sit down.

14. You have no idea who anyone is at the Kids' Choice Awards.

15. There is just as much trauma involved in trying on shoes as there is with bathing suits.

16. You only use teeth-brightening toothpaste.

17. You have a Kindle, but only use it for plane rides.

18. You haven't stepped foot in a gym in years.

19. You remember when you got a daily newspaper delivered.

20. You're on Facebook, not Twitter. And you just heard about Periscope last week.

21. Your feet hurt. A lot. Smell sometimes too.

22. You are way beyond cold cucumbers when it comes to reducing puffy under-eyes.

23. You wear sunglasses for reasons unrelated to the weather.

24. You play mental retirement math on your daily work commute.

25. More often than not, you'd rather eat in than out.

26. Before you go anywhere, you consider the parking situation.

27. You still prefer to print out directions from Mapquest than to squint at them on your phone.

28. You hear yourself and you sound just like your mother. (H/T: Suzan Michelson Cano)

29. You build raised garden beds so you don't have to kneel in the garden.

30. You haven't seen so much belly fat since your last pregnancy.

31. You could easily see yourself spending every day on the beach collecting sea glass and seashells. (H/T: Jeanne Uelk Champion)

32. You remember when the @ sign was only used in math problems. (H/T: Flo Selfman)

33. Sometimes when you stand up fast, you feel yourself losing balance. (H/T: Elena Corral)

34. You know at least three people who died last year who were your age or younger.

35. You clicked on this post.



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