9 Signs You Need To Retire Immediately

You've been secretly leafing through retirement brochures, doing the math on your retirement savings, and daydreaming about spending your final years on a beautiful beach in South America. Yet, you still can't seem to come to terms with the thought of retiring. Maybe you keep telling yourself to wait just one more year, or that you just need a little more savings. Here are some surefire signs that you just need to go ahead and take the plunge -- now.

1. You find yourself increasingly buying lotto tickets, in hopes that the winning numbers will set you free from your desk.

2. You have enough vacation and/or sick days accumulated for you to take several months off. Time for an extended vacation.

3. You bitterly calculate how many precious hours of your life you've wasted during your hourlong commutes.

4. You find great comfort in watching "Office Space."

5. You keep telling yourself, just one more year.

6. You wonder if it would be appropriate to wear this shirt to work.

7. You consider never coming back from your vacation.

8. You take quizzes... like this one, while you're at work.

9. You really, really, really, want this cake.




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