12 Signs You're 'The Rock' Of Your Friend Group

AKA solid and dependable.

Are you level-headed in a crisis? Do you hide your anxieties or feelings from others? Meet your emotional type: “The rock.”

Emotional types are personality categories based on how you interact with other people and yourself, particularly in times of stress. The concept was created by psychiatrist Judith Orloff in her bestselling book, Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life, based on what she observed with her patients in her practice. There are four styles, which include the intellectual, the gusher, the empath and the rock.

Of course, human beings are complex. No one person fits into a box and it’s likely you’re a mix of different traits. But it’s still fun to investigate which characteristics apply to you and which one’s don’t in order to better understand yourself and how you relate to others.

Suspect you’re the rock in your group? We chatted with Orloff to get some more insight into this specific emotional type. Read on below to figure it out.

"The rocks" are the strong and silent types.
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"The rocks" are the strong and silent types.

1. As a rock, you have a difficult time opening up.

Rock types prefer to keep emotions to themselves. You prefer to listen to the feelings of others and be a solid support system instead. “Rocks typically don’t like waves,” Orloff told The Huffington Post. “They tend to withdraw a bit.”

2. You’re the first person friends go to when they're dealing with a problem.

Rocks are the type of people that friends count on as their emergency contact, Orloff says. You’re solid, dependable and remain cool in a crisis.

3. You know all of your friends’ secrets.

Because rocks are great listeners, you might be the go-to person when it comes to intimate details about a situation. “If a person needs something, rocks are always there to lend their support,” Ortloff said.

4. You're not a crier.

Dependable? Yes. Stoic? Maybe a little. “Rocks are emotionally strong for themselves and others,” Orloff wrote in Emotional Freedom.

5. You sometimes come off as unfeeling.

Rock types may not gush about feelings, which could make you appear a little aloof, Orloff says. “They have a lot to offer relationships,” she explained. “But they can afford to explore their emotions more so they can enhance those relationships.”

6. You have a tendency to internalize your emotions.

Rocks tend to push away stress and keep it from surfacing. “They could stand to feel their own emotions a bit more,” Orloff explained. This could be done by sharing feelings in small ways, whether it be confiding in one person or even jotting them down in a journal.

7. You have an even-keeled temperament.

The “strong, silent” thing is a rock’s MO. You’re seen as practical and level-headed, Orloff says. This is especially true when it comes to emotions.

8. You’re organized at work.

Your dependability also comes into play in the office, Orloff notes. “Rocks are organized at work, they show up on time and typically stick to one job,” she said. Spreadsheets and expense reports have nothing on you.

9. You’re considered nonjudgmental.

A key component of being a good listener is doing so without bias. Rocks are rockstars at doing just that, Orloff noted in her book. This may mean you’re the perfect person to talk to when it comes to a mistake or some kind of blunder.

10. You get along well with sensitive people.

Empaths, or people who absorb others’ feelings, can benefit from being around you, according to Orloff. “The empath is very open and emotional and the rock is more steady and strong,” she said. “That balance is very good in partnerships.”

11. You tend to steer clear of conflict.

As stated earlier, rock types hate making waves. Orloff says this particular trait can be a big downfall, especially when it comes to relationships. “Conflict comes up, so they need to learn to tolerate that a bit,” she said.

12. You’re a loyal friend and partner.

Your reliability is cherished in relationships ― just as long as you make an effort to open up a little more. But that kind of loyalty is valued. As Orloff says, “a rock type will never forget a person’s birthday and will show up when they say they will.”

Sounds like a pretty positive personality, honestly. Thanks for being there, rocks!

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