13 Signs You've Gotten Way Too Comfortable With Your Long-Term Partner

Most happy long-married or long-term couples will say they'd never trade the comfort and trust they have now for the giddiness and unpredictability of a new romance. However, it's safe to say that at least some of these long relationships, even the happiest ones, might benefit from just a bit more, well, mystery. Sure, your partner may have seen you at your worst, with no makeup, morning breath or even sick as a dog on the bathroom floor. That doesn't mean they should be in the bathroom brushing their teeth while you pee.

So with a little help from our Facebook friends, we've come up with a pretty extensive list of those everyday things that show you might -- just might -- be a tad too comfortable in your relationship:

1. You pee or poo with the bathroom door open (or while your partner is in the bathroom).

2. You're nicer to complete strangers than you are to your significant other.

3. You have no problem telling him/her they need a breath mint (ouch).

4. You haven't worn makeup in so long that your mascara tubes are crusty and your lipsticks smell funny.

5. To you, granny panties are just, well, panties (it's all about the comfort, baby).

6. You can openly talk about your bowel movements/gas/other bodily functions or upsets.

7. Your S.O. buys your tampons/pads/feminine hygiene products for you.

8. You buy your own birthday gift from your partner and vice-versa.

9. Date night consists of binge-watching on Netflix and relaxing in sweats.

10. You go braless around the house (and it's not always sexy).

11. You sometimes can't tell the difference between his and hers when folding laundry.

12. When traveling, you both know your roles. (You check in at the hotel while he parks the car and grabs the bags.)

13. You replace your husband's worn-out underwear without him even knowing it.

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