18 Signs You've Spent Too Much Time In Texas

Texas is a stellar state, to be sure. And with some of America's top cities to visit and the best cities to move to, you could really never spend too much time there.

However, there are a few telltale signs that you've spent more time in Texas than most people. Most symptoms involve new vocabulary tics ("I'm fixin' to ride, y'all!") and interesting food preferences ("Who's up for a kolache?"). Crack open a can of Shiner, because you've been in Texas too long if...

1. You expect queso, not bread, at the start of every restaurant meal.

2. There is -- or has been at one time -- a bottle of Whataburger ketchup in your fridge.

3. You feel relieved when the temperature "dips" to 100.

4. You consider breakfast tacos a nutritional morning meal.

5. You truly appreciate the beautiful wonder that is a Buc-ee's restroom.

6."Y'all" has become the only pronoun necessary.

7. When it's hot out, all you want is THIS:

8. Cinnamon rolls, cheeseburgers and donuts the size of your head are totally normal.

9. Cowboy boots are officially Friday night footwear.


10. You've waited more than three hours in line for a plate of ribs.

11. Shiner is your beer of choice ... because you've actually been to Shiner.

shiner texas

12. Jumping into the bed of pickup trucks is no big deal.

13. You own a pair of Chacos, and you're darn proud of it.

14. You understand the UT-OU rivalry is NOT to be taken lightly.

15. South Padre Island is now your idea of an "exotic island escape."

south padre island spring break

16. You know that Austin–Bergstrom International Airport is the ultimate dining destination.

17. Big Tex from the State Fair is one of your all-time BFFs.

texas state fair

18. ...and you'd never turn down a hot kolache. This is Texas, y'all!

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