Sigourney Weaver Shows Us How To Pull Off Dramatic '80s Makeup (PHOTOS)

The '80s were defined by fads we're still trying to erase from our memory, including acid-wash jeans, shiny unitards and jelly shoes. (Though American Apparel won't seem to let us forget.) Hair and makeup trends were equally embarrassing, but this circa 1980 photo of Sigourney Weaver makes us miss punk-glam.

Weaver rose to fame in the '80s with leading roles in films like "Ghostbusters" and "Aliens." At nearly six feet tall, the sci-fi queen wasn't hard to miss on the big screen. This glamour shot of Weaver sporting big hair, charcoal smokey eyeshadow, bronze blush and frosty red lips proves she possesses a supernatural beauty.

Do you think the 64-year-old actress should bring back her '80s look?

sigourney weaver

See Sigourney Weaver's style transformation over the years:

Sigourney Weaver Style Evolution

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