Sigourney Weaver Will Appear In 'Ghostbusters' Reboot

Excitement level reading: EXTREMELY HIGH.

Sigourney Weaver will appear in Paul Feig's upcoming "Ghostbusters" reboot, and it's vital you keep your head from exploding.

Feig broke the news on his Twitter account, where, besides creating a high-risk environment for fans' brains bursting out with excitement, he subtweeted everyone leaking information about actors from the original "Ghostbusters" signing on to his film.

In the original film, Weaver played Dana, the Ghostbusters customer who, you know, has that whole thing with Zuul. Everyone keep your hands on your necks!  

It was recently reported that Ernie Hudson would join the project, because Feig must honestly not care if our skulls pop right off our bodies and roll down the street.

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