Sigur Ros Film 'Inni' To Premiere At Venice Days

Sigur Ros posted a cryptic video on their site on Thursday, with no explanation other than the name -- "Inni." It features, in patchy black and white, a spinning gramophone and discordant noises, which transition into a montage of musicians rocking out. Except, just as the musicians begin trashing their instruments, everything is muted as a delicate piano soundtrack kicks in, drowning out the music, blinding lights and cheering crowd, and playing out like a dramatic scene from a movie.

Which, turns out, makes sense, because this is a movie. Playlist reports that "Inni" will premiere at the Venice Film Festival, as part of Venice Days, an offshoot of the festival. It was announced on the Venice Days site as a "surprise film event" that was "finished at the very last minute in hope of finding a space on Venice's programme." The film was directed by Vincent Morisset, who you know from his work on the Arcade Fire documentary "Miroir Noir."

The last we heard from the band -- who released their latest album three years ago -- was that Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi will be scoring Cameron Crowe's upcoming film, "We Bought a Zoo."

WATCH the teaser for "Inni":