Silence Your Inner Critic!

Silence Your Inner Critic!
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According to research we have anywhere between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. If you’re a person of habit like 98.9% of us are, you tend to have some of the same reoccurring thoughts every day. So the reality is that if we have the same thoughts over & over how do we shift to a higher state of being to weed out the constant negativity, self-doubt or criticism?

Where did this come from?

For many of us, we would love to live in a world where we have control over our inner critic & how it affects us. It can seem impossible, but with consistent & mindful practice, we can make it happen. The first step is to get clear on where our self-criticism/doubt comes from. If you think about how we all think & act, our habits & behaviors stem from our childhood. What back then seemed like small comments from our peers, family members, teachers & friends when we were children, eventually added up. I’m sure as kids we’ve experienced, to a degree, some comments about the way we dress, or how we sound when we sing or talk, or an adult telling us we’re not good at something, etc. You mix that in with life & for some, traumatic experiences, & an inner gremlin within is now born.

This inner gremlin is our inner critic or our voice of judgment (VOJ) that seems like it never shuts up. It’s the same gremlin that tells us now we’re not good enough, you’re stupid, you don’t deserve something, or whatever the negative thoughts may be. When we choose to believe these things, it invokes an emotion of it being a true, which in the end attracts situations that confirms these thoughts we choose to believe.

The purpose of understanding this inner critic that we hear daily isn’t our true, authentic, self speaking. This is our VOJ aka our voice of judgment. When we learn how to separate our VOJ from our voice of wisdom (VOW) aka our intuition/higher conscious self, we then can make positive changes.


Now that we know our VOJ isn’t our true authentic self, it only makes sense to separate it from our VOW. The first step to identify this inner gremlin is literally drawing it out on paper. This doesn’t have to be a Picasso, but feel free to get as creative as you would like. Next name your gremlin any name you want that isn’t your own name or nickname. Remember this isn’t the true you, it’s your critic. Next, write out 3 negative things your gremlin is constantly saying to you. If you want to overcome a current situation, I would suggest writing out 3 negative things your gremlin says to you about the situation. Finally, hang this up somewhere you will see your drawing CONSISTENTLY so you can be reminded that the inner critic isn’t true, its simply just your VOJ.

Play tennis:

Now that you understand where our inner critic or judgment of self comes from & what this voice is capable of saying, it’s imperative to learn how to silence it. We know this gremlin’s job is to make you feel crappy, miserable, worried or fearful, so why listen? One way to combat the VOJ is by practicing reverse psychology. So when you feel yourself thinking you’re not good enough, or you’ll never have peace, or people won’t accept you, replace that thought with something more positive & beneficial. Think of this like a tennis match, for every negative thing your VOJ says, find a positive to say & believe it, you at least owe that to yourself.

Extra Tools to silence the inner critic:

  • Create affirmations that speak self-love, self-respect & appreciation for oneself. I always tell my clients & students to start their affirmations with “I am” or “I have” because that is speaking in the present moment aka the now. Practice repeating your affirmations DAILY.
  • Practice mirror work for a positive self esteem boost. Every day look yourself in the mirror, directly into your eyes & say aloud _____(your name), I love you just the way you are
  • Journal about your strengths & what value you add to the world.
  • Give yourself freedom & room to make mistakes. Everyone makes them & that’s ok. Next time just try to do better.

Remember your inner critic is only as loud as you want it to be. With consistent practice you can tone down the VOJ & use your VOW more often.


Quote of the month:

Celebrate your personal strengths to silence your inner critic. –Unknown

Affirmation of the month:

I am allowing myself to celebrate my positive strengths.

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