Silicon Valley Is Westeros In This 'Game Of Thrones' Credits Spoof

The old guard is challenged by "warriors fierce of spirit and nerdy of demeanor": Google, Apple and Facebook.


The most sophisticated technologies in the world of "Game of Thrones" may be the watermill and the forge -- but it still has a surprising amount in common with Silicon Valley today. 

In both, brilliant strategists jockey for power. They are arraying powerful forces -- mostly young men -- in every corner of the continent. A war is brewing. Its outcome could determine the fate of humanity.

That, at least, is the theory behind the amusing video above from Vanity Fair. They reimagined the iconic, Emmy-winning credits sequence of HBO's hit series as an intro to the drama of huge tech companies battling for our wallets and souls. 

It's fun stuff, even if the parallels they draw don't quite line up with the action on "Game of Thrones." After all, they place burgeoning social media startups like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat in The North -- which everyone knows is the most ancient, sleepiest part of Westeros!

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