'Silicon Valley' Season 5 Trailer Grants First Look At Post-T.J. Miller Era

New episodes start March 25.

The fifth season of “Silicon Valley” is nearly here, and despite T.J. Miller no longer being on the show, the newest season looks to maintain the show’s formula: The group becomes successful and then they screw up trying to handle that success.

The show about the chaotic landscape of the tech world ran into some of its own chaos early last year with Miller’s seemingly abrupt exit from the show. Over the summer, the comedian criticized his “Silicon Valley” castmates for not doing more to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, and he’s recently been dealing with sexual assault allegations.

Miller maintains a positive attitude about the cast, telling Vanity Fair that he “would love to work with them forever,” but adding that he “will never be on ‘Silicon Valley’ again.”

New episodes of “Silicon Valley” are on HBO starting March 25.