Here's Why Silicone Food Storage Bags Deserve A Spot In Your Kitchen

They can be used in the freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher.

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These Stasher bags will save up some space in your kitchen and as a bonus, they're sustainable, too.
These Stasher bags will save up some space in your kitchen and as a bonus, they're sustainable, too.

Plastic baggies are a staple, and we rely on them for everything from holding those annoying 3-ounce bottles of shampoo at the airport to leftovers from any holiday feast.

Resealable plastic bags are often taken for granted — why else would they be sold in 100-count quantities? — but there’s a reusable alternative to plastic bags that’ll help you be less wasteful once and for all.

These reusable bags are self-sealing and made from 100 percent silicone. They’re basically an eco-friendly version of the ziplock bags we all know. Unlike their plastic counterparts, however, Stasher bags are microwave-, oven-, freezer- and boiling water-safe. You can even throw them in the dishwasher.

Plus, they’ll make a great gift for anyone who’s just moved into a place and they’re an essential for anyone hosting their own Thanksgiving meal.

I was skeptical of Stasher bags at first because the best part of using a plastic baggie is being able to toss it when you’re done with it. I first used my Stasher bag for a work trip to store my airplane must-haves, like packages of almonds, collagen packets and gum. Instead of tossing — and inevitably losing — everything in my bucket bag, I was able to find my snacks easily. And my “Type-A” side loved that I could easily rinse it out in my hotel sink and use it again for my return trip.

I quickly learned I could use Stashers to cut my prep time in the kitchen. These bags might not revolutionize dinnertime, but they do make the Sunday meal prepping a bit more fun. I love that I can come home from a long day at work and pop a bag of pre-chopped veggies into the microwave or into a pot of boiling water without much thought.

Toss the veggies with a bed of spinach, add some chickpeas and a drizzle of tahini, and you have a healthy 10-minute weeknight meal. Just be sure to add pre-chopped veggies with similar cooking times to the same Stasher bag ― like beets, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts in one bag and asparagus, peppers and mushrooms in another.

The bags are great for storing leftover bulk meals like stews and soups in the freezer. I’m even guilty of reheating and occasionally eating the leftovers in the Stasher bag. Plus, your holiday meals just got a bit more sustainable, too.

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