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Silly Poem of the Week: A Rabbi, and Imam and a Priest

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A Rabbi, Imam and a Christian Priest
Have gathered together for an annual feast
At the first of the year they're coming together
To crack up some jokes and talk about weather

The mood was great and food was abound
But after the meal no desert could be found
They searched low and high for a sugared confection
and eventually found a cookie collection

They smelled kind of strange, they were wrapped and concealed
But with no other choice to the men they appealed
What they had missed in their unrestrained speed
The cookies were special, made out of weed

After some laughs and continuous chatter
They started to notice something's the matter
But since none of the three had been previously high
They entered the flow without asking why

The Rabbi said - friends, I must here confess
I think god descended and entered my chest
I feel a divine love, like never before
Those cookies were great, are there any more?

Just two or three left, replied the Imam
I'm feeling the same, that god may have come
I now grok the words of Mohammad the Holy
Love one another, said the one and the only

I feel the Christ love, muttered the priest
It burns like a fire and doesn't decrease
I am slightly frightened, my senses are heightened
How could it be that we all got enlightened

Hold on, I am thinking, giggled the Rabbi
As he reached for a cookie and loosened his necktie
My religion is clear - there's only one God
I guess our opinions were basically flawed

If you two are feeling the love in the belly
(aside for the unexplained cravings for jelly)
Then all three religions are truly the same
One God to proclaim, it's all a fair game

Jewish tradition is immensely frustrating
So many rules is the bible dictating
To think I was able to manage with less
Is quite perplexing and hard to confess

Or worse, said the priest with a worried expression
What is the value of prayer and confession
If you two are also perceiving the lord
Then what was the point of the efforts I poured

Think of the things that were done in his name
All rites and ablutions are basically lame
I feel like a fraud, I could practically cry
Pass me the water, my eyes are quite dry

No shit - said the Muslim - I'm feeling some shame
I'm one of us three, and equal to blame
Our religion is strict and can get quite obsessive
In the name of Islam some are rude and oppressive

But the main thing to ask and to ponder tonight
Is what was the reason that brought us the light
I don't think it was that we practice religion
(Are there no cookies left, not even a smidgen?)

The reason, my friends, that we felt the divine
Is that all of us three have gathered to dine
Despite our opinions and different traditions
We became friends and removed the partitions

And since that day their friendship has grown
The source of their high still remaining unknown
And every time they meet for a snack
They secretly hope that God would come back

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