Silversea Cruise Crash: Cruise Ship Reportedly Collides With Container Ship

Andrew Lock, the passenger who reported the story, spoke to CNN via Skype from Hong Kong.

According to Lock: "The cargo ship rolled over and almost capsized; we hit their bridge and crushed it, and we hit the side, creating a large vertical tear. The cargo ship then scraped down the side of our ship and disappeared into the fog behind us."

He continued to say that "after the impact...passengers gathered a few of their possessions and headed to the muster stations. "The crew was calm, but the passengers -- some were scared, or even frantic."

Watch the interview above.

UPDATE 3/19/12, 11:45 a.m.: Silversea Cruises issued a statement regarding this incident, which occurred March 16, to The Huffington Post.

"Silver Shadow incurred limited minor dents and guests' safety was never compromised. The ship was fully operational and continued on its course to Ha Long Bay," it said.

Silversea will be launching an investigation into the crash.

Our ship has a hole in the bow, heres a pic of the other ship, it was struck in two places - their bridge, and we ripped a large tear in the side too.

Follow the link above for image.

Calls and emails to Silversea have yet to be returned.

PREVIOUSLY 3/19/12, 9:21 a.m.: The Silversea Shadow has collided with a container ship off Vietnam, reports Mikey's Cruise Blog.

The blog reportedly received a message from a passenger onboard, sent via cell phone.

We’re on Silversea silver shadow cruise ship and we just collided with a Vietnamese container ship near Halong bay, Vietnam. We slammed into the side of it, in thick fog.

Passengers were called to their muster stations. Damage to the Silversea Shadow is yet unknown.

More to come...

Photo: rainy city/Flickr

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