Ending Left Handed Discrimination In Google Chrome With Silvio Lorusso's Cursor Plug-In

Google Chrome Plug-In Hearts Lefties

Left handed? Fear not, you will no longer be discriminated against on the Internet -- at least within Google Chrome. Thanks to Silvio Lorusso's left-hand cursor, lefties can install a plug-in that flips the hand curser in the web browser from right to left.

The Internet for Left-Handers is a simple plug-in that offers a lefty option for the the gloved hand cursor, visible only when a user is hovering over a link. With an icon in the top right corner of the screen, users can seamlessly swap between the right and left hand cursor.

silvio lorusso lefthand cursor silvio lorusso lefthand cursor

The left-hand cursor is enabled when its icon is shown in the Google Chrome toolbar, as seen on the left in the above image.

Left-hander Lorusso created the option for Chrome users as an artistic project meant to open the boundaries of the Internet to lefties, which make up about 10 percent of the population. As Buzz Feed points out, the plug-in restores the dignity to "those with the side of their hands smeared with pencil and ink from dragging it across the page." Well maybe not literally, since we're all not in elementary school, but the plug-in certainly makes for a pleasant distraction.

Interestingly, the left hand cursor does not work in all forms. Take Gmail, for example. When a user scrolls over links in their email list when the plug-in is enabled the right hand cursor persists.

Lorusso is not the first to offer the left-hand cursor option for the left handed folks out there. Mouse users can change the settings on their computer to enable left handed clicking. Left-hand cursors and pointers are also available for download for most Windows PC users.

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