Simen Johan's "Until The Kingdom Comes" Depicts A Stunning Animal Kingdom (PHOTOS)

Simen Johan's photography collection "Until The Kingdom Comes" features portraits of animals in eerily calm repose.

The Norwegian artist first takes photographs of animals at zoos, nature preserves, museums and even in his studio. He then digitally alters their habitats, resituating them onto other previously photographed environments.

Something is strange in these wild terrains, though it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what. The hippopotamus and lemur make almost human poses and facial expressions, suggesting a kinship between all nature's creatures. Yet others, like the frozen caribou and the devilish coiling snakes suggest an indifferent if not malevolent side to Mother Nature.

Johan told Yossi Milo Gallery the title "Until The Kingdom Comes" referred not to religion nor to nature but to the human fantasy of blissful resolution. However the artist stated, "I depict ‘living’ as an emotion-fueled experience, engulfed in uncertainty, desire and illusion."

Do these photographs look more 'National Geographic' or 'Antichrist'? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

simen johan

Images courtesy of Yossi Milo Gallery.