Similac's New Ad Celebrates The Special Bond Moms Share

"It’s strength you didn’t know you had."

Two years ago, Similac released a wildly viral ad about mom-shaming as part of a campaign called “The Sisterhood of Motherhood.”

In honor of Mother’s Day, the formula brand has released a new “Sisterhood of Motherhood” ad to celebrate the strength of moms. The powerful video shows mothers taking care of their newborns and dealing with the late nights, messes and endless tears.

As the end of the video suggests, mothers share a powerful bond through the strength they’ve developed as parents.

“From labor of delivery to labors of love, moms hold the immense weight of tiny new worlds in their hands — and on their arms and shoulders,” the YouTube description states. “It’s strength you didn’t know you had. This strength developed in motherhood makes those who share it unmoved by limitation and immune to judgment.”

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