Similarities My Four-Year Old Son And Donald Trump Share

Say what you want about the presidential election, but there is no denying it is very entertaining. In just a few short years, presidential elections have gone from debating the issues to a WWE Smackdown. One of the most polarizing figures in all of American politics is Donald J. Trump. Here are some of the similarities that he and my four year old son share.

A Mutual Love of Playing School

What kid doesn’t like playing school? My children routinely turn a rainy day into a chance to flex their imagination muscle. During these imaginative sessions, they play school due to the chance it gives them to boss each other around. Donald Trump undoubtedly took his childhood love of playing school into his adult life with the advent of Trump University. Many people have filed suit against Trump and his cronies regarding false allegations made about this so-called university. If a person has no problem willfully deceiving individuals looking to better themselves, what kind of transparency do you think they will have in their administration if elected president?

Building Walls is Fun

Legos and Mega-Blocks are the currency of choice for my children. Whoever has the biggest stack of blocks is king of the toy room. Every time my four-year-old has the lion share of blocks, he builds a wall to keep his siblings at bay. This sense of isolationism is both commendable and a bit troubling. Trump’s endless talk about building a wall at the Mexican border is just a way to rally the disenfranchised middle class around his cause. Building a wall will solve nothing and deep down his supporters know this.

Over Exaggeration is a Regular Occurrence

Hearing an endless array of phrases like “he hit me first” or “it wasn’t me” is something I deal with on a daily basis. My kids have a tendency to over exaggerate. Sometimes this over exaggeration is cute and at times it sucks a bit of my soul out of my body. I understand that kids will be kids when it comes to stretching the truth, but I am having a hard time understanding what Donald Trump’s excuse is. I believe that he has over exaggerated his wealth due to the fact he refuses to release his tax returns. Lying to the American public this early in the game makes me have serious doubts about the job he can do as the leader of the free world.

My life is challenging enough with three kids, which is why I am very worried about the outcome of this presidential election. The Trump Train is trucking at full speed and it is doubtful it will be derailed anytime soon. Electing a leader who is more worried about their spray tan and the look of their hair (which appears to have come out of a taxidermist’s office) than they are about foreign policy is terrifying. I have noticed that the majority of the Trump supporters are scared older white people who feel like their country is being taken away from them. Only time will tell if the fear Trump uses to gain followers will lead to a win in this election, but let’s hope not for our sake and the sake of our children.

Riley Hammonds is a freelance writer/ entrepreneur. A spiller of coffee and a master of the King’s English, Riley works hard to write only informative and entertaining content for his audience. The father of three children and an avid football fan, Riley plays as hard as he works.