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Simon Baker Signs With Givenchy For Fragrance Deal

Simon Baker, a.k.a. smooth-talking Christian from "Devil Wears Prada," lands a high fashion gig.

GUYS, Christian Thompson is getting his own fragrance.

Simon Baker, who played charming writer Christian Thompson to smarmy perfection in the beloved 2006 flick "The Devil Wears Prada," has signed on as the face of Givenchy's next men's fragrance. Women's Wear Daily reports that the actor will star in both print and TV ads starting in spring 2013 for the as-yet-unnamed scent.

Given recent traumatic events over at Chanel, we have some trepidation about seeing a male actor with no erstwhile beauty industry experience thrust into a perfume commercial. In a worst case scenario, Baker's Givenchy ads could be mocked on both "Conan" and "Saturday Night Live."

But there's one key difference between Brad Pitt and Baker: the latter starred in one of the greatest fashion movies of our time. He may have turned out to be the villain, but Christian Thompson was a smooth-talking, scarf-wearing fashionista who knew his way around a Fashion Week party.

If you need a refresher, re-watch the scene below (and a cheesy yet fun tribute to Baker's character here). Are you in favor of Baker jumping into the fragrance world?

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