Simon Cowell Tells A Lie About Looks Vs. Personality On 'Ellen'

The "America's Got Talent" judge got tripped up by The Lie Detector Game.

Simon Cowell’s got talent ― for being embarrassed by a lie detector.

The “America’s Got Talent” judge visited Ellen DeGeneres for Tuesday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and played The Lie Detector Game.

The host didn’t waste any time in cutting to matters of interest.

“Do you think looks are more important than personality?” she asked.

Cowell ― who noted earlier that he had “road-tested” the voice-analysis game with his son, Eric, and that it really works ― sought clarification. “In work or personal life?”

“Just a question,” DeGeneres replied.

Finally, Cowell said “no,” eliciting a buzzer and a red light to indicate that he was apparently lying.

Watch the clip above to find out what else Cowell fibbed about.

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