Simon Prades 'Our Books' Binds Literature And Relationships (PHOTOS)

Books not only provide an outlet to escape reality, but often actually provide a link to the relationships with the people closest to us. For Germany-based artist Simon Prades, 6 specially-selected books did just that, inspiring his "Our Books" series of fused illustrations, combining images inspired by beloved books with images inspired by Prades' friends and family.

Prades said the 6 books -- "The Catcher In The Rye," "The Stranger," "Cannery Row," "100 Years Of Solitude," "Sand" and "Stiller" -- and six people are paid homage to in the illustrations. The books were chosen for a variety of reasons; some were presents from the dedicated people, some were an aspect of his relationships like "Catcher in the Rye," while others reminded him of his past. For example, the illustration of Max Frischs' "Stiller" conveys a sense of ambiguity, a feeling he got when he read the book and when he used to practice graffiti art with his friend Kriz.

"All books and drawings have a different story or concept, but so are the friendships and relations to the people that we love," he said.

Be sure to check out Prades' Behance page for more of his work.

Click through below for Simon Prades' "Our Books":