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Simon Sanchez Gets Ecko Tattoo For Lifetime Discount (PHOTOS)

Since we wrote about Ecko's "Branded for Life" promotion, we wondered if anyone would get a tattoo of the label's logo in exchange for a 20 percent discount for life on clothes.

The answer was, of course, yes.

We spoke with Simon Sanchez, 25, of Houston, Texas who had the "Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Shears" (as opposed to the Ecko Unltd. Rhino) inked onto the back of his left calf over the weekend.

Sanchez used to work at his local Ecko outlet store and says his wardrobe is mainly Ecko. And at only $100 for the tat, Sanchez expects that the stunt will pay off. When asked if he was satisfied with the 20 percent reduction, Sanchez remarked, "It should be [at least] 30 percent which is employee discount." He added that he's already showed his body art to the Ecko employees, who told him he's welcome to shop anytime.

Sanchez explained that instead of just being branded, he's tried to come up with a new significance for the scissors design -- "Something like, 'You can cut the strings between us, but it's up to you to sew them back together,' or 'God is a puppet master and he plays with us like puppets, it's time to cut the strings.'"

This is Sanchez's third tattoo. He told us, "I have 1954 on one arm, 1993 on the other, representing my mom. Those are the years she was born and died."

Take a look at Sanchez's shears below. He's not the only one to take Ecko up on its offer -- head over to Racked to see three more guys who went through with it.