Simone Battle, Eliminated 'X Factor' Contestant, Releases Gay-Themed 'He Likes Boys' Music Video

Last night on "X Factor," Simone Battle was one of the reality music competition's first casualties as the judges cut 17 acts down to 12.

After being harshly criticized for her performance of Mariah Carey's "Just Be Good To Me," -- LA Reid told Simon Cowell, Battle's mentor, "Everything was right except your choice in contestant," and Nicole Scherzinger rolled her eyes as she commented, "That wasn't predictable at all..." -- Battle was eliminated.

But that doesn't mean the singer is down for the count. Battle released her first single, "He Likes Boys," last night, announcing the song's release before she'd even left the "X Factor" stage.

The video for the song finds Battle lamenting her bad luck for falling in love with gay men. "My gaydar needs some inspection," she sings while trying to get the attention of several well-manicured men, including one who acts out a classic scene from teen comedy "Clueless" with her.

However, by the end of the video Battle has found her thing for guys who will never love her back holds a silver lining: Really great best friends. "We both like vintage shopping," she sings, adding, "And we both like... boys."

For more on Battle, check out her Facebook page -- where she notes "If a Cheerleader, a Hipster, and a Drag Queen had a Threesome, I would be their love child" -- here.

See the video for "He Likes Boys" and 15 other LGBT-themed songs below:

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