Simone Biles Fangirls Over 'Pretty Little Liars' The Way We Fangirl Over Her

All of our favorite things coming together.

Is Simone Biles headed to Rosewood after Rio?

The 19-year-old gymnast won the women’s all-around final on Thursday, earning herself a gold medal and the praise of the entire nation, with everyone from Hillary Clinton to Kim Kardashian tweeting their congratulatory messages.

In the celebratory aftermath of her win, Biles didn’t possibly have time to thank all of her supporters personally, so instead she chose to send out a tweet acknowledging all of the well wishes. However, there was one message Biles couldn’t wait to answer: a personal invitation to visit the set of her favorite show, “Pretty Little Liars,” from showrunner I. Marlene King.

Biles almost immediately responded to the invite, tweeting, “YES X2723883.”

”PLL” star Shay Mitchell also tweeted a video of herself congratulating Biles and the entire Final Five team, which made the pint-sized gymnast ecstatic. 

We would love to see Biles and her teammates guest star on the hit Freeform show. The Liars could even borrow the Final Five nickname, considering they appear to be the only characters on the show who haven’t been killed off, despite multiple attempts.

We hope Biles channels her excitement over the weekend as she competes in the individual gymnastic events, that is, if she doesn’t take off for Rosewood first ...



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