Inside The Gym Where Simone Biles Secretly Plotted Her Olympic Comeback

The facility about an hour from the Olympic park allowed Biles to discreetly train for hours on end, away from scrutiny.

CNN went inside the Tokyo gym where Simone Biles trained in secret for her Olympic comeback.

Biles decamped to the Ogawa Gymnastics Arena at Juntendo University the day after she withdrew from the all-around team final, citing mental health concerns.

She trained there in private “for hours on end trying to get over this condition that gymnasts call the twisties, that disconnect between their mind and body,” CNN’s Will Ripley reported in the segment that aired Thursday.

“She was trying to do things that she wasn’t able to do, she was really trying to figure out what was wrong,” Wataru Kawai, a gymnastics coach at the university, told the network. “She was very different. It looked like she was suffering. I was hoping I could do something to help her.”

Biles pulled out of her other individual finals at the Games, but returned on Tuesday to win bronze on the balance beam.

Kazuhiro Aoki, a professor at the university, which is around an hour from the Olympic park, told CNN that “if we were even a small part” of getting Biles back on her feet, then “I think it was a big success.”

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