Simone Biles' Response To A Twitter Troll Is A Perfect 10

The U.S. Olympic gymnast great set the record straight when mocked over her record.

A Twitter troll came for Simone Biles over her Olympic record and was DQ’d by the legendary gymnast and her fans.

User @hockeyforever68 this week responded to Biles’ plea for people not to dress as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween with this snarky message: “Too bad you can’t go as Olympic medal winner.”

The tweeter was apparently unaware of Biles’ Olympic success, despite her twisties-plagued time at the most recent Tokyo Olympics.

She won four gold medals and a bronze at Rio 2016 and a silver and bronze in Japan. The account, though, could have just been trolling for a response. It was only created in April 2021 and has just 17 followers.

Either way, Biles’ fans pointed out the problem with the post.

The athlete herself then fired back, writing: “I have 7 olympic medals, do your research. Also the bots get on my fn nerves. Be real. Say it with your chest. Stop with the fake accounts.”

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