Simone Biles Shows Worrying Video That Proves She Isn't Over The Twisties At Olympics

The four-time American gold medalist, who dropped out of the Olympic team and all-around events, said she can't tell up from down.

The mental and orientation problems that prompted gymnast Simone Biles to withdraw from the team and all-around events at the Tokyo Olympics are not over.

The four-time gold medalist on Friday shared video proof of her continued bout with the so-called twisties, in which gymnasts can get lost in the air during acrobatic maneuvers.

In a clip of her practicing a twisting dismount on the uneven parallel bars, Biles lands flat on her back.

She noted to fans on her Instagram story that, thankfully, the mat was cushy.

“I don’t think you realize how dangerous this is on hard, competitive surface,” she said with the video.

Biles told fans that her “mind and body are simply not in sync” and that the problem emerged randomly after the qualifying round.

Biles said she cannot tell up from down and the issue is persisting. “Sometimes I can’t even fathom twisting. I seriously cannot comprehend how to twist. Strangest and weirdest thing.”

Biles, who hasn’t said whether she’ll compete in the apparatus finals after teammate Sunisa Lee captured the all-around gold, revisited the awkward vault that precipitated her pullout in the team event. She aborted a more difficult move after getting confused in the air, and shot back at trolls who say she quit.

“I simply got so lost my safety was at risk as well as a team medal,” she wrote.


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