Simone Paolercio, Florida Teacher, Jailed After Throwing Fast Food At McDonald's Employee (VIDEO)

WATCH: Teacher Arrrested For Throwing Breakfast At McDonald's Employee

On the morning of Saturday, December 17th, 39-year-old Simone Paolercio, a teacher at a middle school in Lakeland, Florida, was in the mood for hash browns.

She drove in her white SUV to a local McDonald's and ordered about $20 worth of food. She pulled up to the window to collect her meal. But when she looked inside the white-and-red paper bag at her order, she was dissatisfied. Authorities have not yet revealed the source of Paolercio's distress -- but in any event, she demanded a refund.

The manager was called to the drive-thru window. An argument ensued. It seems that things did not go as Paolercio had planned. Security camera footage of the incident reveals that, after a few minutes of verbal sparring, the teacher threw some of her food, including a hash brown, at the manager.

At this point, from the looks of the video (which is admittedly audio-free), negotiations break down completely. Paolercio proceeds to put her entire, ample order on the take-out ledge, one piece at at a time. The manager points in the direction of the security camera and picks up a telephone. There are more heated gestures -- and then, Paolercio drives away.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Polk County police caught Paolercio later in the day and confronted her with the security footage, which she admitted was incontestable. They arrested her on charges of battery and booked her in Polk County Jail.

A call to Paolercio's alleged place of employment, Lakeland Highlands Middle School, was not answered. But if the school's students are to be believed, going to work today would have been pretty much the same as staying in police custody. The first hit on the Google query "Lakeland Highlands Middle School" is for a Facebook group entitled "Lakeland Highlands Middle School is a Freakin' JAIL!!!!!!!!"

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