7 Simple Pleasures You Should Take An Extra Moment To Appreciate Every Day

Sprinkles. Cartoons. Bubble wrap. There’s a good chance these would be the ultimate joys in life, if you were to ask your 10-year-old self. In fact, children have a tendency to tap into a deep truth by centering on the simple, everyday moments that truly do matter. According to research published in the journal Psychological Science, these ordinary, maybe even mundane, experiences are what bring us unexpected joy. Who says happiness has to be so complicated?

In honor of the simple pleasures, we partnered with Chevrolet Malibu to remind you of life’s little delights.

1. The Sound Of Rain

There’s nothing quite like waking up to the sound of rain while you’re tucked away, safely indoors. The rhythmic sound may just lull you back to sleep, but if you take a moment to sneak by the window, watch and listen, you are sure to find inspiration in this natural wonder.

2. Getting All Green Lights

Being in the right place at the right time just may bring the ultimate in good fortune. In fact, many people credit their success to this kind of luck. But on a smaller scale, we all enjoy moments of satisfaction by making it “just in time.” There is a certain karmic triumph in getting the consistent green light and sailing through your commute -- so take a moment to appreciate it.

After all, isn’t timing everything?

3. Coming Home To Your Furry Friend

One of the greatest constants in life is the love and affection of a furry friend. No matter how hard your day was, you can always expect your pet to be there, warm and waiting. So appreciate the welcome home. This instantaneous connection may actually lead to long-term health benefits, according to the National Institute of Health.

4. Holding Hands

It is the most basic of human (and animal) interactions, but do not underestimate the power of a hand hold. In the scientific study “Lending a Hand,” neuroscientists found that your brain doesn’t have to work as hard to cope with stressors if you simply hold someone else's hand.

5. Lazy Sundays In Bed

After a long week, having nowhere to be but your bed is a great gift. Plan to not plan your Sunday, and bask in some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Purposeful breaks like these give you the opportunity to restore the energy you need to start the next week off right.

6. The Smell Of Fresh Linens

Smell triggers memory and nostalgia, bringing you back to the moments in life that truly matter. Often, the smell associated with fresh linens is a simple, sensory joy that can conjure up memories of home and family. If you don’t have time to smell the roses, at least make sure you savor those clean sheets.

7. A Cool Breeze

There is something mystic about the wind, blowing by all manners of people and terrain. Who knows what stories, secrets and surprises the wind picks up along the way? Next time you experience the sensation of a cool breeze, stop for a moment and consider how wonderful it is to be a part of something bigger that extends beyond one’s self.

Chevrolet Malibu celebrates the simple pleasures in life that we don’t always recognize.