Simple Ways To Save Money When Your Family Is Growing

Rockabye savings.

Babies can be enormously expensive. A middle-income family with two children can expect to spend around $233,000 on raising a child from birth to age seventeen, according to a recent report released by the Department of Agriculture. The study applies to middle-income families with two children, although the average annual child rearing costs of $13,000 can vary widely by region.

We’ve partnered with H&R Block to highlight simple ways to bring those costs down during your baby’s first year. Tap on the green boxes below for easy tips on how to make your baby’s nursery more wallet-friendly, so that you can focus on making lifelong memories instead.

H&R Block believes that healthy finances are more important than ever when your family tree is growing. For more than 60 years, H&R Block has been a go-to source of guidance and expertise for families who are looking to make the most of their tax returns, with simple ways to file online for free. Because we want you to focus on spending more time with your family and less time on your taxes.