I have recently relocated. I packed up all of my belongings, tagged my townhouse with a "For Sale" sign, and have journeyed to the other side of the country, to an entirely new place, completely removed from everything that I am used to, and very different than anywhere that I've ever called home. And honestly, I love it!

Currently in my new abode, I don't hold very many possessions. Mainly some pieces of furniture that I've rented, a suitcase full of clothes, a lone set of towels, a toothbrush, a handful of books, a plain set of dishes, and a small wooden globe from Pier One. Not much more than the bare essentials of living. No flat-screen TV, no high-speed Wi-Fi, no pictures, no snacks, not much of anything that would typically occupy an American living space.

I understand that with the above description alone, the apartment that I now live in may seem to be very dull, boring, or altogether lifeless. However, living here for the very short amount of time that I have, has been beautifully quaint, humbling, and simply joyful. I've discovered a childlike happiness within these silent walls; a peaceful delight that's eluded me for the past few years. Lebanese author and poet, Khalil Gibran once wrote that "your house is your larger self," and I believe my home now accurately reflects my interior feelings of being blissfully clear, reposed, stress-free, and almost entirely at peace.

I've greatly enjoyed the humble beginnings of this new chapter in my life. And as a result of not bringing much with me, I've been able to exist solely in this very place at this particular point in time. That freedom has been wonderfully exciting and has allowed me to connect with everything around me. I've enjoyed experiencing the beautiful weather, the warm people, the architecturally stunning city library, as well as the widely known "All Star Special" at the local Waffle House! I am extremely grateful that I can breathe in the air of a completely new place and leave all things that are behind me, exactly where they belong.

If you are holding on to something that you no longer need to hold on to, I encourage you to let go. It may be that very thing that is keeping you from what you really want deep down inside. And when you let go, what comes in its place may be something that you could have never imaged, but is more beautiful than you would have ever envisioned. That is not just a theory it is something I know to be true. And that is because I am experiencing it right now, in sunny Arizona!