Simplify Your Life and Focus on What Counts

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
Hans Hofman

Being human is the greatest thing in the world, we are really marvelous! We do funny things but we have forgotten to laugh. We are the ones who created time to manage our daily lives and ended up being slaves to time. For instance, right now we might have to be somewhere where something incredible is about to happen. We now have sophisticated reminders on our phones, everytime they pop up we respond and run. These reminders tell us that we should be here or there, as if all time will stand still if we don't keep moving. Sadly we have lost ourselves without a focus on living an ideal life. The time is now to simplify our lives and attend to all those important matters which make life worth living.

The most difficult thing is to be what others want us to be, the easiest thing is to be who we are and what we feel. Ask yourself, "Am I really me, or am I someone, others think me to be ?" This is unfortunately the scene we are all living in these days. We spend so much energy and complicate our lives by pretending to be someone else. What if, the only person you want to impress is you? Would you have a different career? A smaller house? Would you drive a different car, would you dress differently? We are often living a life of pretense not for our own satisfaction but to 'fit in'. We are untrue to ourselves because of the pressures from family, friends and our colleagues. If your lifestyle reflects someone else's idea of how your life should be, you are not living a genuine life. Simplify your life to suit your needs and to find peace.

Manage and reduce stress in your life by reshuffling and cutting down on all those unnecessary and engulfing tasks you feel you 'must do' or 'should do'. Too many choices, too many obligations and unfortunately not enough time. Usually these matters come from the expectations of others, and do nothing to make you happy.Do what you feel is really important to accomplish ; remind yourself that you are still a loving person who does not have the need to be perfect all the time.

The practice of mindfulness can also be very helpful. By sitting and focusing of how you are feeling in these moments without judging the experience as good or bad. Develop the ability to "sit still" within the turbulence of daily life. It is not a magic cure for busy minds, but it is a way to train the mind to be calm so that you can prioritize your essential responsibilities.

Take a quiet and peaceful walk. Time spent alone is time for reflection and to clear your mind. Watch the full moon or watch the sunset. A sunset is one of those wonderful things we take for granted, it is a daily spectacular show we can watch for free. Notice the dramatic cloud formations and brilliant colors in the sky. Every day see the world in a new personal way. The trees outside will not remain the same, so look at them. Your husband, wife, child, parents are all changing daily, look at them. Everything around you is in in the process of change, including you. We are all on a fantastic journey! Each day is new, with new experiences and new people. Dare to experiment with your own life in order to change and grow.

Enjoy your life by trusting your own feelings about finding happiness. Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering and doubting. Have faith that everything will work out, just how it's meant to be.