Simplify Your Thanksgiving Feast: Advice From Beloved Celebrity Chef Regina Charboneau

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Looking for ways to make your Thanksgiving more manageable without skimping on festive? I turned to culinary superstar Regina Charboneau for some guidance. A cookbook author (her latest is Mississippi Current Cookbook), renowned chef (Mick Jagger, Lily Tomlin and Tim Curry are fans of her food) and restaurateur (Kings Tavern), Charboneau owns the historic Twin Oaks bed & breakfast and she's culinary director of the American Queen Steamboat Company riverboat. This Thanksgiving Charboneau who is cooking for 145 friends and family at her Natchez, Mississippi home, offered her favorite Thanksgiving advice.

The easiest way to season your turkey? Rub the bird with olive oil and slather on McCormick's Montreal steak seasoning which is a great mix. it's a wonderful pre-done blend with garlic, cracked pepper, salt and fennel.

I'm a big believer in preparing things ahead of time that freeze well. For example, when I make cornbread stuffings, I use heavy cream and egg to make like a soufflé which freezes very well. 2 days before, I place it in it in the refrigerator to thaw out. Then I bake it. For my cornbread recipe, go to, click on the "Food-Phatic Blog" section and scroll down.

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Regina Charboneau (Photo used with permission.)