'The Simpsons' Predicted Coronavirus And Murder Hornets. Sort Of.

The cartoon gazed into its crystal ball back in 1993 -- and nailed 2020.

The Simpsons” did it again.

The cartoon that once predicted Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency also creepily foreshadowed the horror show that is 2020, some people think. (See the video below.)

A Twitter user on Tuesday shared a clip from the 1993 episode “Marge in Chains” that featured a highly contagious illness gripping Springfield and lethal stinging insects.

Sound familiar?

While the events (a flu and killer bees) in the show did not actually anticipate the coronavirus and murder hornets, they still got the internet buzzing.

A writer for “The Simpsons” called out trolls in March for using the episode to spread racist propaganda. But here, Twitter users appear to be enjoying some grim humor, especially with murder hornets now adding to the collective dread over the coronavirus pandemic.

Check out the clip and reactions below. (And watch a longer clip below the tweets in which a citizen idiotically eats one of the bees to cure the flu. D’oh!)

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