'Simpsons' Duff Beer Legal Battle: 20th Century Fox Spars With Colombian Brothers

'Simpsons' Beer Legal Fight Heats Up

Anyone who has ever watched -- nay, heard of -- The Simpsons is probably familiar with Duff beer. Homer Simpson's brew of choice has achieved a permanent place in American culture, which explains why so many different companies have tried to create a non-cartoon version of the beer. There's been a long history of legal issues with companies using the name "Duff beer" but not being affiliated with 20th Century Fox, the company that produces The Simpsons. Trade publication The Drinks Business has previously reported on issues with a German company using the name and now it looks like a pair of Colombian brothers are embroiled in a legal battle as well.

Alvaro and Oscar Ballesteros registered a trademark for the beer in 2008 and have been serving it across the country. 20th Century Fox wasn't having it, so the brothers changed the name of the beer to from Duff to DuH (the two "f"s can look like an "H"). The studio still isn't buying it.

Alvaro Ballesteros says that his company is within its rights to produce the beer. “It appears only in cartoons, in a fictional world," he argues. We'll see if his argument stands. In the meantime, if you get your hands on the beer, it apparently tastes "exactly like Duff should."

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