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'The Simpsons' House, The Batcave And More Fictional Houses You Can Live In (PHOTOS)

If you've dreamt of skateboarding into a cartoonish orange and yellow house, this is for you.

Perhaps you've dreamt of skateboarding into a cartoonish orange and yellow house after an annoying day at school, a la Bart in the opening sequence of "The Simpsons." And, uh, even if you haven't, it's surprisingly a viable option.

As well as living in Barbie's Malibu Dream House, which is, naturally, kitted out with monogrammed "B" everything. The Jonathan Adler-designed space featured circular couches and a sunburst mirror constructed from 65 Barbies. The contents of the house have since been moved to a Las Vegas hotel room.

Or if the Batcave is more your speed, you too can bring a little bit of the movies into real life. One fan in Greenwich, CT constructed a 12,000 square foot home theater that features an escape tunnel, Batcomputer and a room that houses a Batmobile.

For various reasons, a few resourceful people have decided to bring these memorable spaces into reality with mocked up versions of their favorite homes. But who is actually building these fictional houses?

Some of them were built by companies seeking further promotion, while others were true passion projects. The former title going to a couple of die-hard Disney fans who recreated the 2-story house from the Pixar classic "Up."

Check out these recognizable homes in the slideshow below, then head over to Mental Floss for the full story.

6 Fictional Homes You Can Live In

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