Here's One Thing You Never Knew About 'The Simpsons' And The Beatles

The McCartneys had a particular stipulation for appearing on the show.

If you're one of those pop-culture obsessives whose Venn diagram of interests include both The Beatles and "The Simpsons," you may have already heard this anecdote about the famous overlap. But with Slate's recent account of the behind-the-scenes story of how Paul and Linda McCartney came to guest star on "The Simpsons," one particular piece of trivia seemed worthy to highlight once again. 

On Slate, Alan Siegel details how "The Simpsons" writers felt they would need an idea McCartney would connect with in order to convince him to be on the show. When they happened to have a script about Lisa becoming a vegetarian in the mid-'90s, showrunner David Mirkin felt that might be the opportunity.

Mirkin, who gifted the McCartneys with a then rare turkey substitute from New York, got the two famous vegetarians to agree, but the musicians had one condition -- Lisa would have to remain a vegetarian forever.

As Slate notes, Linda told Entertainment Weekly at the time that doing the show gave them an opportunity "to spread the vegetarian word to a wider audience."

The show aired on Oct. 15, 1995, and featured the McCartneys hanging out with "Simpsons" character, Apu, who was revealed to be vegan in the episode.

Most memorably, Paul revealed to Lisa that, "If you play 'Maybe I’m Amazed' backwards, you’ll hear a recipe for a really ripping lentil soup." Over the credits, you can hear McCartney reading off the recipe over a backwards-playing "Maybe I'm Amazed," as seen in the video below.

Did the McCartneys and Lisa convince you to become a vegetarian? Did Paul's vegetarianism begin when he realized his bandmate, John, was a walrus? 

Which Mc would you prefer eating at, McCartney's or McDonald's? Have you ever been maybe amazed about the way lentil soup loves you?


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