'The Simpsons' Predicted A Female Doctor Who And Knew Some Fans Would Freak

Previously, the show predicted Donald Trump's presidency and Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance.

“The Simpsons” currently ranks No. 2 for most episodes of a prime-time series, but it comes in first when it comes to amazing predictions.

The Fox sitcom is also credited with predicting smartwatches, the Greek debt crisis and even a future Nobel Prize winner.

Showrunner Al Jean said during a Saturday Comic-Con panel that the show also had a premonition about a female Doctor Who.

“We predict some good things as well,” Jean told the crowd.

Jean said the episode in question joked about fans protesting the gender switch.

The Doctor Who joke was supposed to be in the upcoming season ― Season 29 if you’re keeping score ― but will be cut now that it’s happened in real life.

“We decided to do a joke about too many poke shops,” Jean said. “It’s kind of an L.A. thing.”

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