The Benefits Of Sin: Why Sinning Is Good For You

Dear Reader,

I confess it, I am a sinner. I begin most days in a haze of sloth and lust (which, coincidentally, is also how I end most days); gluttony takes hold over breakfast and before I know it I'm well on my way to hell and it's not yet 9 a.m. Pride, lust, gluttony, greed, envy, sloth and anger, the seven deadly sins, these are my daily companions.

And you? Are you a sinner?

The simple fact is that we all sin (or rather 'sin'), and we do it all the time. But fear not: the seven deadly sins aren't as bad for you as you might think.

This is the message of my new book, The Science of Sin [Three Rivers Press, $14.00]. Over the course of seven chapters, I take each of the deadly sins and review classic as well as cutting edge psychological research that highlights the upside of these allegedly mortal vices.

Here is just a taste of some of the benefits of the seven deadly sins: