Sinclair Lewis and Sarah Palin

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross." -- Sinclair Lewis, 1935

How appropriate and brilliant is that? And it is only 73 years later.

When I listen to Governor Palin repeat over and over again how she told Congress to keep the money for the "bridge to nowhere," it makes me nuts. When I hear the "born again" Governor Palin talk about praying for a pipeline, that makes me nuts as well. When I hear Governor Palin "faking it" in her Charlie Gibson Q&A conducted with deference and the simplicity of questions more appropriate for a high school sophomore, I cringe.

When I hear Senator John McCain change positions on important issues during the same day it is "crazy making time."

I fear both McCain and Palin equally, but for different reasons.

Barack Obama may or may not be the right guy to lead our nation, but at least he can string an entire sentence together, and does not feature Jesus in his comments. Sadly however, there is nowhere in his state where he can see any part of Russia.

What can be better for our country then Joe Biden (a real grown up) as the Vice President?

Is it not possible for Senator McCain to have selected someone better suited to replace him should he die in office?

When I see the video compilations showing McCain contradicting himself or outright lying, and send them to my Republican friends they claim that it has been skillfully edited in order to embarrass McCain.

Show them McCain's appearance on The View and they blame the hostile liberal women hosts.

When I ask about Palin and the "bridge" among other things they say that I am just a sexist.

When McCain/Palin champion "change" I admit that I question a Washington insider for all these years changing anything but his suits, shirts, and ties.

I loved the movie A Guide to a Married Man. A husband is caught in the act by his wife. The admonition to him is "deny, deny, deny." That is what McCain does every day.

The day-to-day lies that are made by or "approved" by McCain make me ashamed of our political process. Shame, shame, shame on you Senator McCain!

Everyone is now aware that:

Obama is a Muslim.

Obama voted to give sex education to kindergarten classes.

Palin never accepted an earmark.

Obama demeaned Palin with the "lipstick on a pig" statement.

Palin was the Mayor of Alaska's second largest city.

McCain walked safely on the streets of Baghdad without protection.

After McCain chose Palin as his running mate, his campaign has waged an intensive assault on the news media. McCain is attempting to refer to the media as one corrupt monolith, stirring up the conservative base and working to pressure the media from further aggressive reporting on Palin. At the Republican Convention Fred Thompson said, "This woman is undergoing the most vicious assault that anybody has ever seen in public life."

I wonder if these guys want her left alone because she wears glasses and is a woman.

"Our campaign would much rather prefer to aim our criticisms at our opponent's record of inexperience than the shortcomings and misrepresentations that appear in the media," said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds.


McCain's people moved seamlessly against many legitimate questions posed about Palin's record and experience, and ignored or denied them.

When CNN pressed a McCain spokesman to identify an example of Palin's experience commanding the Alaska National Guard, one of her bragging points, the campaign retaliated by ruling out a McCain interview with Larry King.

It turned out that Palin never has commanded the Alaska National Guard to do anything, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

When other reporters asked questions about Palin's experience, McCain's campaign accused the media of being sexist, charging that "nobody" had ever asked about Barack Obama's experience, despite thousands of articles mentioning Obama's relative inexperience.
I know that the Democrats have done some bad stuff as well, however if you think that to be the case, research it and write your own article.

When Senator McCain has the temerity to shout about "the changes" he will make, I can only wonder why this great reformer" has not raged about the Bush administrations policies during all these years.