Sing Along: 'Let's Go Buy a Gun'

Sung to the music of "Let's Go Fly a Kite" from the soundtrack of Mary Poppins

Let's go buy a gun
Where we'll all have fun
Let's go buy a gun and kill the bad guys
Hooray for the NRA
For that's the American way
Let's all go buy a gun

Let's kill birds of prey
Deer, boars all the day
Let's kill bears and foxes, elk and oxen
Children who play their games
Maiming, killing all the same
But let's all go buy a gun

Freedom and Liberty
Wave the flag and sing with me
God and country standing up and fighting together
We will not be slammed
Gun safety Hell be damned
Let's all go buy a gun

Military guns we need
To watch Bambi twist and bleed
Bigger guns we all do prize to compensate for our cock size
Jesus carried and told you this
To load and shoot's no greater bliss
So let's all go buy a gun

Smith, Wesson, Cabot, Colt
Winchester gives a bolt
Dillon, Daisy, Heckler and Koch for all us high velocity folk
Gun makers that's the way
With NRA to leaders pay
So let's all go buy a gun

Protecting my family
My castle, my right to be
More risk from those that we do know than strangers in home invasion
The U.S. tops the world
With guns and deaths and flags unfurled
But let's all go buy more guns

Countless innocents killed each year
But let us be completely clear
No restrictions to limit our rights will we let pass through
That is our battle cry
One which we live and die
Let's all go buy a gun

So gun control freaks leave us alone
Or we will come invade your homes
My rights you will never abridge 'cause we are stronger
We don't care how many die
Cause death's American as apple pie
So let's all go buy a gun
Yeah let's all go buy a gun
Now we've all gone to buy a gun (or ten)